Packages and Pricing
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We travel anywhere on Long Island, to better serve you. Please contact us to discuss pricing options.

Basic Initial Consultation : 90 Minutes $150 (milage fee may apply)

For puppies and young dogs without existing behavioral issues, we start out with this consultation. During this consultation we will evaluate your dog, observing them carefully. Then, we will discuss your individual goals and desires… our program is custom and catered to you! Next, we will begin to develop a plan to change your dog’s behavior for the better. We will begin training during this consultation, and you will be left with plenty to work on and do.  If your dog has a severe issue, such as aggression or anxiety, we recommend our Behavior Intensive Consultation.

Behavior Intensive Consultation : 2 hours $275

Our Behavior Intensive Consultation includes a comprehensive evaluation and intake, a written evaluation, and a preliminary training and safety plan. We will begin working on your dog’s behavior during this session, so that you can get started right away! Please note that this consultation is suitable for dogs who have behavioral issues such as aggression, severe fear, separation anxiety, etc. 

Puppy Series:  6, 1 hour sessions $600

This series will get your new puppy off to a great start. We cover house-training, chewing, biting, socialization, and all basic commands. Each week builds upon the last.  We recommend starting right away… you can even book your first consultation before you get your puppy.  Preventing problems is so much easier than solving them later!

Obedience and Beyond: 6, 1 hour sessions $600

Get your dog civilized. In this series we will work on basic manners, including focus, leave-it, polite greetings, sit, down, stay, leash walking, go to bed and more! You will learn more about how your dog sees the world, and learns.  Most importantly, I will give you the tools you will need to be a kind, consistent leader for your dog.

Aggression: 6, 1 hour 15 minute sessions $800

Aggression is a serious issue, and I know how stressful it can be for you and your family. We will work with you and your dog to teach them how to behave in a calm, non-aggressive manner. Your dog can get better, with help!

Walk and Train: 6, 1 hour sessions $400

For existing clients, your dog can get a walk, as well as a training session. This is a great addition to your training program. I will come to your home, and take your dog out for a full hour.  We will practice everything we are working on in your private sessions, and more! Come home to a civilized, tired dog.

Walk and Train: Aggression 6, 1hr 15 minute sessions $550

As an ad-on for clients whose dogs need a little extra help, I will come to your home and take your dog out to practice in public.  We will work on your dog’s obedience skills, and then work on habituating them to other animals, people, and the sights and sounds of the outside world.  This is a great way to accelerate the training process.

Adventure and Socialization Outing: 6, 2 hour sessions $800

Everyone loves a special day! I will pick-up your dog or puppy, and take them out for a long training and socialization session. We will adventure to a public place, so your puppy or dog can get practice in the real world. We may go to the beach, on a hike, or into town. You’ll come home to a well rested dog, who has had a fun and stimulating special day.

Fitness and Conditioning Training: 6, 45 minute sessions $350

Get your dog some much needed physical exercise. Let’s get your dog in shape and have some fun.I will bring fitness equipment to your home, and work on various strengthening and confidence building exercises. From the agility dog who wants a competitive edge, to the obese dog that needs to lose some weight, to the dog who needs to get back in shape after they have healed from an injury or surgery… I can help!

Scent Training: 6, 45 minute sessions $350

Scent work is a great way to bond with your dog, work on obedience, and provide mental and physical exercise. Your dog will learn to use their nose to find a hidden scent. I bring the scent work to you!

Therapy Dog Training: 6, 45 minute sessions $350

Therapy dogs provide a wonderful service to out community. My own dog, Poppy, is a registered therapy dog. If your goal is therapy work and you have completed our obedience series, you and your dog can work towards therapy dog certification. We will work on the more advanced skills required for this certification, as well as the skills you will need as the owner/handler to be able to start volunteering.

Ultimate Civilized Canine Package : $3000

This is the ultimate training package. If you want big changes, a new relationship, and a pathway to success this package is designed for you. You and your dog will get extra attention and practice that results in visible change. We use humane, science-based techniques immersion style. Your dog will have fun and be learning… and so will you!

-Initial Consultation PLUS
-Advanced Evaluation
-6 1 hr private training sessions
-12 1 hr walk and train sessions
-8 Adventure and socialization outings
-2 Baths w/training
-Weekly Video Updates

Pricing may vary slightly based upon milage or severity of issues.