Mighty Mite Dog Tent Review

Mighty Mite Dog Tent Review

mighty mite dog tent reviewWhy do I need a dog tent?

A dog tent is a great alternative to a traditional wire or plastic crate. These days, almost everyone crate-trains their puppy. Typically, families use the crate as a tool for housebreaking, and as a way to contain a pup when he is home alone.   As a professional behavior consultant, I recommend that all dogs have a crate.  Once your dog is comfortable with their crate, it can be used for a variety of reasons throughout their life:

  • Containment when guests are over
  • Travel Crate for Dog Shows
  • Safe-space for naps in the home
  • Hotel-Room
  • Training Classes
  • Containment during rest from surgery or injury

Rather than having a large and heavy traditional crate, a dog tent provides a lightweight option for those who have dogs who are non-destructive.  If you go to dog shows or seminars, this tent will come in very handy!mighty mite dog tent review

What’s special about the Mighty Mite Tent?

The Mighty Mite Super Set Dog Tent was designed by the same makers of specialty tents for Fire Fighters. The most impressive feature of the tent is the ease of set-up.  The tent can be set-up easily in well under a minute (seriously).  You don’t have to fight with threading poles into tent sleeves, or squishing the tent down to a tiny cylinder to get it into its travel bag.  You literally pull it from its bag, shake it out, and pop it up. We made this video showing just how easy it is.

What else?

The Mighty Mite Dog Tent is very high-quality. The fabric is pack material and the poles are fiberglass, just like high-end human tents. The pegging points are all nylon,  and the stitching is reinforced. This is not a child’s play tent… it truly is a professional tent just for your dog.  The tent weighs less than 4lbs, and can easily fit in a suitcase during travel.  There is ample ventilation, and you can even buy an optional fly-sheet if you have a dog who needs a little less visual stimulation.  The rectangular foot-print design allows for your dog to have plenty of room to stretch out, as well as a ton of head-room. Oh, and the creator of the tent and owner of Mighty Mite Dog Gear is a Long-Island native!

mighty mite dog tent review

Interested in buying one?  Click Here!

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